From Boyd Coddington’s Garage, the Aluma-Tub was the third build of an all-aluminum fleet, crafted by Boyd himself, designer Eric Brockmeyer, and famed coach builder Marcel De Ley. The custom designed hot rod was loosely based on a 1929 Ford Model A two-door highboy phaeton and completed in 2004 in a matter of weeks for the tv-series “American Hot Rod.” The Aluma-Tub received high accolade and visibility, featured in a number of automobile magazines. It was one of Boyd’s last infamous projects before his passing in 2008.

The Aluma-Tub’s all-aluminum body holds an 8-cylinder, 350 cubic inch all-aluminum Chevy small block with Barry Grant’s Triple D induction six shooter manifold and three demon six shooter two-barrel carburetors. It’s original build and manpower is estimated at $480K and was later sold to Ron Pratte. This one-of-a-kind hot rod finds its home now with its third owner in the Berkshires.