… Classic cars are repaired, restored, and resurrected to be greater than their former glory.

Men are driven by two principal impulses, either by love or by fear.
— Niccolo Machiavelli

We believe that classic cars are meant to be enjoyed - driven to experience the capacity of its fullest potential. Whether it’s a frame-off restoration or a simple tune-up, our skilled hands are 100% committed to deliver a driver-ready vehicle. Driven is prepared to put you behind the wheel of the show car, daily driver, or track car of your dreams.



We are men whose love for cars drove us to overcome the fear of a sitting vehicle collecting dust and transform it into a creature of power, class, and functionality. Our team is passionate in sharing our love with others and are ready to provide you with a Driven experience. EST. 2018.


We are a comprehensive team that can provide you with the guidance, services, and skill set you need for your personal classic car project, bringing your vintage car back to its former glory or setting it up to be racer ready. We work with you to accomplish the vintage vehicle vision.



We are driven to deliver quality classics, sharing its history and heritage while unleashing its greater potential. With decades of combined experience to overcome the challenges of vehicle restoration and upgrade, our team of young blood is equipped to reinvent the classic car experience and put you behind the wheels of your dreams.