1932 Peugeot P50T



The 1932 Peugeot P50T, presented by the maker as a Vélos-Moteur, this single-speed drive motored bicycle was engineered to be lightweight and functional. With the model sporting the relative excellence of two hub brakes, this vintage also features a large cast iron external fly wheel and ignition provided by a gear driven magneto, topped with a prominently placed nipple that provided lubrication for the gear train. The drive from the motor transmits through a small dry-plate clutch on the output shaft with final transmission by chain. Get this bike moving via engine by pedaling-to-start and watch her fly by with speeds up to 18 mph.

This vintage motored bicycle needed some love and attention after years of collecting dust as a store window prop. Driven was challenged to deliver a fully functional vehicle, ready to take out for a spin, packaged in its original patina allure.