Always driven to expand and hone his abilities, Peter’s background in engineering and mechanics led him to become a specialist in the improvement of classic vehicles. With 20 years of restoration experience, 7 of those as a lead mechanic, and many years more in a body shop, he feels at home with a vast array of classic models. Equipped with specialized skill sets for the trade, such as metal spinning and machining, he overcomes difficult challenges to delivery quality work. Peter understands the value you've put in his expert hands, and he promises to deliver a classic vehicle, personal to you and better than when you saw it last.

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“My vision for Driven is to deliver a top-notch classic car experience, sharing my love of classics with others while providing the Driven journey of passion and quality. Our modern and connected service for customer interaction promises a streamlined and seamless experience”

With the utmost respect for cars of calibers, Benjamin wants to work with you to achieve your ideal driver’s experience. He seeks to instill the thrills that your vehicle can invoke. Through his knowledge, efforts, and strategy in restoration, upgrade, and service, rest assure that your vintage is left in caring and thoughtful hands.



Driven’s Jack-of-All-Trades, Michael is a self-taught mechanic with over 12 years of hands-on experience and is never afraid to take on a project of any level. As a professional restoration mechanic, his wide range of knowledge has built an expertise in creatively solving the various issues that come when working with classic vehicles. There is no challenge out his reach. Being behind a tool and under a car are second nature., and his passion truly shows in his craft. Enthusiastic and driven to get you behind the wheel of your dreams, Michael is ready to let his skills shine on your classic vehicle and get you back on the road.